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12 Easy Steps to Create a 12-Month Calendar!


It’s time to turn the page on 2021 and start fresh! But you may need a new calendar to do this! If you are like me and didn’t get a chance to create a 2022 calendar before the holiday rush, now is the perfect time.

Design & Print Calendars

FOREVER Design & Print calendars feature a large 12”x18” size, premium card stock on a wire hanger, and are perforated so you can tear off and save the photos images you create – my mom likes to frame them. There are a variety of design options available, ranging from very simple to fun themes.

FOREVER makes it a very simple process!
Follow these 12 steps to visually enjoy your next 12 months:

  1. Click on Design & Print. Then select Calendars.
  2. Click on Browse Designs to see your options.
  3. Choose your Design. I chose the Simple White Calendar because I can use 3-6 photos a month and personalize each page with 2 lines of type at the bottom.
  4. Select your starting month and click the “start calendar” button.
  5. A screen with 12-month preset calendar pages will appear.
  6. Title your project.
  7. Click on the blue + signs to add photos from your library or albums. You can complete one page at a time or fill in photos as you wish. The document will autosave.
  8. Once you have added a photo you can click on the photo and a box appears that will allow you to reduce, enlarge, flip, rotate, move, replace, filter or delete that photo.
  9. Add your text to each page.
  10. You can preview all 12 months by clicking on the icon at the top of the page to proof your calendar.
  11. Make any changes.
  12. Add to your cart and check out!

Calendars Created in Artisan

If you want to spend a little extra time on your calendar and have a lot more design options, including 11”x 8.5” and 8”x12” calendar sizes, consider creating your calendar in Artisan. All calendars created in Artisan are completely customizable.

No matter which option you choose – enjoy your calendar and best wishes for a happy, healthy, memory-filled 2022!

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