About Us

Connecting past, present, and future

Glen's grandparents, John and Helen Meakem

Forever was founded by Glen Meakem who previously founded the highly successful business-to-business ecommerce company, FreeMarkets, Inc.

Over two decades ago at his college graduation, Glen Meakem was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army Reserve and later volunteered for duty in the First Gulf War. After serving many months in the war zone, Glen returned home from the Middle East in the summer of 1991. At that point, he and his wife, Diane, decided to take time off, decompress and re-connect by driving around the U.S. visiting family. Long drives were punctuated by emotional visits. Glen and Diane also videotaped interviews of their living grandparents and collected old family photos and other treasures.

Many busy years followed with Glen first finishing graduate school and then pursuing what turned into a very successful career as an entrepreneur and business leader. Meanwhile, Diane became the mother to the couple’s five children and dedicated enormous effort to raising and educating their growing family.

In the spring of 2012, Glen tried to find a way to permanently save and share all of Diane’s and his important family memories in the cloud, including everything they had collected during the summer after Glen returned from the War. But, he found that social media sites claimed ownership and compressed everything that people posted. These sites also data mined and sold customer information to make money from advertisers, and when an account was no longer valuable to advertisers, it was shut down. Photo sharing and cloud storage sites were not much better. They lacked sharing capability, necessary media formats, or appropriate organizational tools. All were temporary and avoided granting any permanent ownership or digital rights to customers.

For the love of family

So, in 2012, Glen founded Forever to be the permanent, secure, trustworthy place in the cloud, where people and families can save and share all of their memories for generations. In the summer and fall of 2012, Glen wrote a business plan and raised initial funding. Then in early 2013, he and his team began building the company and its software applications, leading to the commercial launch of the Forever web and mobile apps and services in late 2013. Today, Forever has tens of thousands of customers and is growing rapidly because people finally have a permanent place to collect, curate, and celebrate important photos and memories for generations (like the photo above of Glen’s beloved and now departed grandparents – John and Helen Meakem).

The Forever mission

Glen founded Forever because he believes peoples’ critical family memories are at risk. He believes that by combining modern digital technology, including cloud storage, with modern financial tools like a permanent guarantee fund (similar to an endowment) and highly ethical business practices, that he and our team have created a better way for people and families to preserve and share their most important traditions, values, and memories.