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Why is Tagging Useful?

By Abby Schreiber

Tagging is just one of the many ways you can organize within your FOREVER Account. But, why would you want to? What can you do with it?

We have a few ideas:

  • Tag specific people. Let's say you have a lot of photos of "Grandpa Joe" throughout the years - likely, those photos will end up in several different albums! Tagging all of the photos with Grandpa in them as "Grandpa Joe" will allow you to search for them all at once across your library.
  • Tagging family groups. Just as you may want to tag individual people, you can tag family groups! "The Duffys," "The Millers," "The Schreibers" - be prepared for every family reunion!
  • Tag by event. Now, some people choose to sort their albums this way already. But if you don't, tagging by event is a great way to organize! For example, if you organize your albums by year, you could tag each holiday. That way, when you search the tag "Christmas," each year will pop up.

These are just 3 potential ways in which you could use tagging to your advantage - which others can you think of?

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