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Why Digitizing Your Media Matters

By Abby Schreiber

Each new year brings new chances to prioritize your future. Digitizing your legacy media as a New Year's resolution is a commendable and forward-thinking goal!

Here are a few reasons why:

1. Preservation of Memories

Legacy media such as old photographs, VHS tapes, or audio cassettes deteriorate over time. By digitizing them, you ensure that precious memories are preserved in a format less susceptible to degradation (preferably preserved permanently in your FOREVER Storage account - then they'll never degrade)! Digital files can maintain their quality for an indefinite period, safeguarding your memories for future generations.

2. Ease of Access and Sharing

Once your media is digitized, accessing and sharing it becomes much easier. You can view or listen to these digital files on your computer or smart devices, either by downloading or viewing directly through your FOREVER account! Share them with family and friends around the world with just a few clicks. This makes it easier to keep your family history and memories alive within your community.

3. Space Saving

Physical media can take up a significant amount of space. Converting these into digital formats can free up space in your home and reduce clutter. This is especially relevant for people who are looking to downsize or simply adopt a more minimalist lifestyle.

4. Protection from "Unexpected Events"

Let's cut to the chase: physical media is vulnerable to damage from environmental factors like fire, water, or even just the passage of time. Digitizing your media provides an opportunity to back up these files in multiple locations, such as FOREVER Storage, ensuring they are safe from unexpected disasters.

5. Enjoy the Obsolete

Many legacy media formats are no longer supported by modern technology. By digitizing this content, you can once again enjoy old home movies, audio recordings, or photos that were previously inaccessible due to obsolete technology.

6. Enhance Your Memories

Digitization not only preserves but can also enhance old media. FOREVER uses technology that can improve the quality of old recordings and photographs, removing noise & enhancing colors. We can even repair damaged photos with our Restoration Service!

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