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Founder & CEO Glen Meakem on the Ditch Digger CEO Podcast


FOREVER's Founder & CEO, Glen Meakem, had the privilege of sitting down with the "Ditch Digger CEO" podcast with Gary Rabine.

As noted on their site: "Glen Meakem is a career entrepreneur and business leader whose objective is to create tremendous value for investors, customers, and employees by building businesses that make the world a better place. Since the beginning of 2013, he has been devoted full-time to building his latest company, FOREVER, which is the world’s first permanent shareable storage service on the Internet. "

"Ditch Digger CEO" prides itself on interviewing some of the world's greatest entrepeneurs. Rabine himself founded his own company, growing it from just an idea to a "national facilities services empire."

They had an amazing time discussing "How Innovation Transformed an 'Unglamorous' Role," "6-Figure Opportunities in Trades and Technology," and so much more!

Listen on their site, on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or YouTube.

Glen on the "Ditch Digger CEO" Podcast.

Photo credit: Ditch Digger CEO

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