I Wanna Help Her!

By Megan Blondeau

Mom was trying to capture baby sister's first time eating cereal. But then big brother showed up and demanded to help!

A Mom's Reflection

It was the first time Baby Sister ate cereal. I captured those first few moments of her starting to gain an understanding of what it means to eat food with a spoon! But then Big Brother showed up and demanded to help.

The beginning of the video is Mom and Baby trying out this new thing called eating cereal. Then the video quickly shifts when Big Brother’s head got in the way, and he demanded to be a part of the action. Thankfully, Dad shuffled Big Brother to the other side of the highchair, and we were able to finish recording, complete with a silly ending by Dad. We got a cute memory to treasure as a result.

I love watching this video from my digitized MiniDV tape. My kids' personalities were already very evident and different from each other at those young ages. I miss those chubby cheeks and calm demeanor of hers. Although Big Brother sounded grumpy, he only wanted to help! And still does to this day. It’s wonderful having memories like these digitized and uploaded to my FOREVER account for safe-keeping!

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