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FOREVER Digitization Connection - Walk-In Orders

By Alex Cybela

Greetings everyone, and welcome to this week's installment of FOREVER Digitization Connection.

Are you aware you can personally deliver your items to the FOREVER Digitization Facility? If not, allow us to enlighten you on the topic of walk-in orders. Walk-in orders represent a convenient method to engage in digitization services without the concern of shipping or the necessity of purchasing a box. You can simply visit our facility and entrust your items directly to our esteemed staff.

Manager of Retail & Client Outreach - Debbie G.

Typically, your interaction will be facilitated by our Manager of Retail and Client Outreach, Debbie. However, in her absence, you may receive assistance from another wonderful member of our team.

Upon your arrival and reception, we will gather pertinent information to commence processing your order swiftly. Having an established FOREVER account expedites this procedure significantly. Simply provide the email associated with your account to facilitate seamless integration of your information. Should you not have an existing account, fret not; we can still accommodate your order. However, allocation of a few minutes will be necessary to establish an account, ensuring our ability to communicate with you promptly should the need arise. Please ensure that you retain the email and password details for your account, as they will be required for future reference.

We now proceed to take inventory of your items. While estimates can be provided for smaller quantities, larger or more intricate orders may necessitate further evaluation, with estimates communicated via email subsequently. This stage also presents an opportune moment to specify any additional requirements, such as the inclusion of flash drives or DVDs. Upon verification and agreement with the inventory provided, any outstanding charges can be settled, seamlessly integrated into your FOREVER account's shopping cart.

Following this stage, your order advances to the digitization floor, where our expert team works their magic, breathing new life into your cherished memories. As with any order, you will receive periodic email updates throughout the process, enabling you to monitor its progression. Subsequently, anticipation builds until the notification email arrives, signaling the completion of your order! Your digital files will be accessible within your "My FOREVER Box Center" in your FOREVER account. For your physical memories, simply return at your convenience, provide your name, and we will promptly return all items entrusted to us, including any additional media ordered. With this, you have successfully navigated the process of a walk-in order!

For those considering a walk-in order at the FOREVER Digitization Facility, I have provided the pertinent information below!

FOREVER Digitization Facility
Address: 4970 Founders Terrace, Hobart, WI, 54155
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM CDT
Front Desk Phone Number: 412-904-3633

Thank you all so much for your attention. I eagerly await catching up with you all next week!

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