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FOREVER Digitization Connection - Packing Your Box

By Alex Cybela

Hello and welcome to this week's edition of FOREVER Digitization Connection!

After acquiring a FOREVER Digitization Box, you may wonder, "What's next?" Let's delve into the process of packing your box.

The initial step entails unpacking the contents provided within your FOREVER Digitization Box. Upon opening the protective outer box, you'll encounter our signature blue FOREVER Box. It's imperative to retain the outer box as it offers an additional layer of safeguarding for your cherished memories during the return transit. Removing the blue box and unveiling its contents will reveal items essential for packing your box efficiently.

First and foremost, let's explore the informational booklet. Within this booklet, you'll discover invaluable insights regarding the various media types we digitize and the services we offer. It serves as a comprehensive resource, beneficial for both first-time users and seasoned patrons. I recommend reading it over with each box to refresh your memory on our procedures.

After acquainting yourself with our booklet, it's time to organize your items utilizing the provided bags. These bags facilitate the categorization of photos, slides, negatives, flatbeds, or album pages included in your order. Each bag will correspond to a distinct album created in your FOREVER account to maintain your memories in an organized fashion. However, please note that different media types should not be mixed within bags. If you have multiple scanning media types, ensure they are separated into different bags. For Standard Digitization Boxes, each bag of photos, slides, and negatives should contain no more than 25 images in total.

Once your items are sorted into bags, it's time to affix the barcode stickers. Each bag you prepare receives one barcode sticker, designating it as a singular item. Additionally, each bag should be labeled with a concise title and a count of the items enclosed within.

For audio or video items, such as video tapes, DVDs, cassettes, and CDs, simply attach one barcode to each item. If you're including film reels, ascertain their size to determine the required number of stickers. Reels necessitate one barcode for every 50 feet. For instance, a 200-foot reel would require a total of 4 barcodes. Should you find you made any errors or run out of stickers while barcoding, rest assured that our dedicated logistics team will rectify any discrepancies during the inventory process.

The final item to use is the large plastic zip-top FOREVER bag. This bag serves as an additional layer of protection by waterproofing the enclosed items. Simply place your items inside the bag and insert the entire bag into your blue FOREVER box. We recommend utilizing packing material to fill any vacant spaces within the box, mitigating the risk of items shifting during transit. Paper packing or bubble wrap are ideal for this purpose. Seal the blue inner box securely with tape along the seams, and then return it to the brown outer box, taping that closed as well.

Lastly, you'll find your return shipping label. This label, printed on a large sticker, can be effortlessly affixed to the exterior of the brown box. Ensure it is applied neatly, avoiding major creases or bubbles.

Congratulations! You've successfully packed your box! All that remains is to take your box to a FedEx location and dispatch it back to us. We'll handle the rest from there.

Thank you all sincerely for your attention. Wishing you a splendid weekend, and I eagerly anticipate our next encounter!

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