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5 Tips for Photographing Pets

By Abby Schreiber

Most modern camera rolls are full of three things: loved ones, food, and pets. Here are some simple tips for photographing our furry (and fast!) friends.

1. Say their name!

Then, be prepared to act quickly. Their instinct is to look at you when you call them, and that training pays off when snapping a picture.

2. Keep 'em looking with a treat.

Sometimes a little incentive goes a long way. Keep a treat in your hand when you call them - they'll focus in!

3. Look for the light.

Even if your pet is posing like a pro, with the wrong light, the photo is never going to turn out the way you want it. Soft, natural light is ideal. Avoid backlit photos!

4. Have a backup plan.

Try taking your photos in "burst," or use a Live Photo (most smartphones have this option)! That way, if you just can't get your pet to stay still, one of the other frames may work.

5. Try and capture their character.

No matter what tricks you use, animals are going to be animals. So try to capture their essence - maybe your cat loves lazing in the sun, or maybe your dog is constantly yawning. Work with what you've got!

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