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What's an HEIC File?


If you're using an iPhone or iPad (and iOS 11 or later) or even newer Androids, you've probably seen a HEIC file…even if you didn't realize it! That's because HEIC, which is Apple's version of a "high-efficiency image format", compresses photos into smaller files without sacrificing quality, which a JPG tends to do. This helps the storage on your phone fill up less quickly.

That being said, HEIC files haven't become the most compatible files (yet). Thankfully, there are many online programs where you can reformat your HEIC files as JPGs or PNGs. Or, you can adjust your iOS settings to capture photos in JPG rather than HEIC.

  1. Go to "Settings" on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Select "Camera."
  3. Then, select "Formats."
  4. Make sure "Most Compatible" is selected, rather than "High Efficiency."

And that's it! Any new photos you take will be captured & stored as JPGs.

As for FOREVER, we are always working to improve our services and deliver the most convenient options for you! In the meantime, though, this is a simple alternative while you continue to store your memories with the #1 trusted cloud solution.

PS: The FOREVER App automatically converts HEIC to JPG during the upload process via your Apple device. (This is not true from your desktop, though!)

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