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Preparing for Back-to-School with FOREVER

By Abby Schreiber

For many North Americans and those of us on "this side" of the hemisphere, the first day of the school year is looming. For some, it's already happened! Here are some tips for staying prepared with FOREVER.

1. Stock up on Storage! We hear this all the time - people get busy, and then once they go to upload their photos & videos, they realize they don't have enough space. You don't need an extra thing to stress you out!

2. Create albums ahead of time. If you know how you plan to organize your photos (by year, child, activity, etc), this can make uploading so much easier down the line.

3. Get their school supplies. Or at least get one school supply: notebooks! You can make them in as little as 30 seconds with AutoPrint.

4. Get your "photo op" props. We've all seen those back-to-school pictures that help tell the story for us - what grade is your child going into? What's their favorite subject? Share it all with our First Day of School Panel. Just grab a chalkboard dry-erase marker, and you're good to go!

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