If I Were to Marry Today

By Megan Blondeau

I’ve been married a long time. Though, my mom would laugh quietly at that statement, and pat me on my head. I will be married 23 years this summer, whereas my parents will be celebrating 55 years. Between 1969, 2001, and today, weddings have changed drastically. In some ways I’m glad to have my wedding behind me (such as the stress of planning one and learning to live with the quirks of my spouse!), though seeing how beautiful the photos, invites, and venues have become, I’m a bit saddened I don’t get to experience planning one today.

Let’s talk about wedding cards. My invitations were, in fact, ordered over the internet in 2001, but there was no customization or adding of one’s photos. All I could do was add the text I wanted printed. Now there are save the dates, invites, ceremony & reception, and thank you cards that are customizable with fonts, photos, and QR codes. You even get a choice of cardstock and foil! My favorite set currently available at FOREVER is the Botanical Wedding theme. I love the design, foil, and preselected fonts. This would be one of my top choices of today’s options.

And the joy that collaborative albums would bring! If you, like me, were married before the digital camera was readily available, how did you get photos from your guests? Some placed a disposable film camera on each reception table for guests to snap photos throughout the night (though, how often were they any good!?). Other guests took photos with their own cameras and printed them — only a few were actually given to me. Nowadays, I’d use my FOREVER account to simply create an album into which my guests and I would upload digital photos. I could even print a QR code on a card to set at each table for guests to scan and upload high quality photos that same night — just like magic! For each photo added into my account, I could add a description, which would keep those moments alive. But the best part besides owning my FOREVER permanent cloud storage for my lifetime and beyond? Selecting my favorites to easily print on a meaningful keepsake.

There are so many gorgeous photo projects that are available today. The digital photos I’d receive from my photographer and guests could be printed in photo books; on wall décor, blankets, puzzles, drinkware, ornaments, and calendars; or as photo prints to be framed. My favorite part of the day is waking up early and enjoying a cup of coffee with my husband before our kids get up. Having treasured moments printed on an 11oz mug would make those mornings that much more special.

For a number of reasons, limited options available in 2001 made wedding planning easier. But every aspect of a wedding today can have a touch of elegance — something mine lacked. I’m so thankful for the understanding and connection developed between my husband and I since our wedding nearly 23 years ago (and for our digitized VHS tape of our wedding ceremony!). Though, if we were to marry today, I’d be thrilled for the creativity and convenience FOREVER offers.

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