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FOREVER Digitization Connection - The Video Digitization Process

By Alex Cybela

Hello everyone and a warm welcome to this week's FOREVER Digitization Connection! This week I am going to discuss the intricate process of video digitization for all of you.

Founder & CEO Glen Meakem speaks to those in attendance at the FOREVER Digitization Facility Grand Opening.

Upon arrival at the illustrious FOREVER Digitization Facility, your cherished items are promptly received by our exceptional logistics team. With utmost care, they mark each box as received and seamlessly integrate it into our inventory queue, meticulously arranged by the date of arrival. This initial stage serves as our first opportunity to analyze the contents of your box. Should any discrepancies arise, our wonderful Outreach Manager swiftly reaches out to you to rectify the situation, ensuring expeditious resolution and a seamless transition into production.

Subsequently, your box finds its place among the inventory queue shelves, awaiting its turn for processing. Each member of our logistics team dedicates undivided attention to a single order at a time, mitigating any possibility of misplacement or confusion. The inventory process commences as your designated team member retrieves your box from its shelf and proceeds to their workstation. Here, they catalog each item, cross-referencing with our system to ascertain any pertinent notes or instructions associated with your order. Additionally, any notes provided within your box are diligently reviewed, and if necessary, the box is transferred accordingly. Following this comprehensive inventory, items are labeled, entered into our system, and double-checked for accuracy. Only upon confirmation of item titles, absence of errors, and proper application of credits and discounts, are estimates promptly dispatched to you.

FOREVER employee inspecting video digitization equipment.

Upon settling any outstanding balances, your items embark on the next leg of their journey to the production floor. Here, our adept digitization technicians assume control, handling your precious video items. With consummate skill, they usher your videos to the video ingest station, where each item undergoes careful consideration. Utilizing specialized equipment, our technicians meticulously play and record each video, conducting an initial quality assessment in the process. Should any imperfections be detected, alternate methods are employed to ensure optimal results before progressing to the editing phase.

It is imperative to note the care taken with our digitization equipment. Each machine bears its unique barcode. We use these barcodes in conjunction with the sticker placed on your items to track and record where your items are every step of the way. Additionally, this allows us to keep an eye on the quality of the performance of each machine. This lets us know if any machine needs some extra TLC. That leads into my next point. Every machine is regularly cleaned, serviced, and rotated out to ensure we always produce the best quality possible.

Upon receipt of your video files, our diligent editors conduct a comprehensive quality evaluation, scrutinizing each video for perfection. Any concerns regarding copyrighted material, sensitive content, or blank footage are diligently addressed, ensuring compliance with legal standards and ethical guidelines. Subsequent adjustments, including the removal of static or prolonged blank segments, coupled with basic color and brightness enhancements, elevate your viewing experience to unparalleled heights. For those seeking enhanced restoration, our Custom Editing service offers advanced color correction solutions, tailored to your specific needs.

Following these procedures, a final quality assessment is conducted, culminating in the seamless upload of your videos to your personalized My FOREVER Box Center. The culmination of our efforts sees your items expertly packaged and dispatched for return, accompanied by a thorough verification to ensure completeness and satisfaction.

Thank you all so much for reading and I hope you have a splendid weekend ahead. Until we reconvene next week!

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