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Dive Into Summer: Celebrations, Vacations, and Photos, Oh My!

By Beth Gibson Lilja

Let the summer celebrations begin: Father's Day, vacations, Fourth of July, weddings, and Labor Day, with hundreds of photos of your precious memories. Face it, reliving experiences with photos is half the fun. Why delay the joy?

Too Many Photos; Too Little Time

The question is, will all those photos reside in your phone or camera until you find time to organize them? When will that be? This year, I've got a solution for you that I'm using for my upcoming European Viking River Cruise.

To share memories faster, I created a "Travel" album in my FOREVER account. If you're not familiar with FOREVER Storage, it's the best, most secure, and fun way to preserve and share your photos - guaranteed. Best of all - you own digital photo storage for your lifetime, and generations to come. Once you've set up your account, you can share your photos with those you wish.

Nested Album Nirvana

After creating my "Travel" album, next comes a nested album: "Europe. Viking River Cruise 2024". Then photos by day: "Day 1", "Day 2", "Day 3", through "Day 11". Then, more nested albums as I go.

When I return, curating the photos will be a joy - not a burden. With my photos already organized, it's a breeze to delete what I don't want. Curating that's enjoyable, valuable, shareable, and fast.

I wish I'd thought of this 10 years ago! I have digital photos from then that I haven't curated yet, but this trip will be simple to curate. Tagging, describing, and adding nested albums for my photos will be fun.

By organizing my photos this way, I consider this my photo "de-overwhelmer".

Files for Celebrations

Of course this way of organizing works great for celebrations, too. Do you have a wedding coming up? You can set up nested albums like this:

  • Shower
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Ceremony
  • Reception
  • Dance
  • Wedding Party

Talk about a time-saver, talk about fun, and talk about sharing your occasions faster and more efficiently. Photo fun, here we come!

Let the celebrations and vacations begin. Have a great summer, everyone!

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