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Are Your Tapes Too Damaged?

By Abby Schreiber

When you're looking to pack up your FOREVER Box, you may be wondering what you should send in. Let's face it - likely, you haven't watched some of these tapes in years. Are they still any good? Here are a few ways to decide which tapes will produce the best digitization (and which won't!).

Was it exposed to heat?

Check the ribbon of your tape! While more durable than traditional film, VHS and cassette tapes are prone to damage when exposed to extreme temperatures. See if the ribbon has curled or warped at all. If it has, this may cause distortion at the top & bottom of your tape's final image.

Does your tape have mold on it?

Humidity is rarely a friend to anyone, least of all your videotapes. Ordinarily, if your tape has mold or mildew on it, it cannot be digitized. However, FOREVER uses the latest (and greatest) technology that will allow us to "clean" and digitize these tapes for an additional cost.

Is your tape “flaking”?

You may notice small black “flakes” coming off of your tape. Tapes in this condition cannot be digitized. Doing so can cause great damage to our players. As the tape runs through the machine, flakes come off and attach themselves to every surface inside of the player.

Is the plastic broken?

A broken housing may cause damage to your tape. You can inspect the tape through the housing window and lift the gate that protects the tape to look for visible damage. If the tape looks intact, send it in, and we will repair the housing and digitize the tape.

These are just a few tips to help you choose at a glance. Happy digitizing!

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