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pixels2Pages helps you master digital scrapbooking

Spark your creativity.

pixels2Pages provides premium training and inspiration for Artisan and Historian users. Join a thriving community of digital scrapbookers and get access to tons of tutorials, tips, projects, and ideas.

There's something for everyone.

pixels2Pages Membership

Access the entire pixels2Pages library of premium training resources for Artisan and Historian users, plus photography tips, creative challenges, and templates.

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Artisan Back2Basics Course

A FREE self-paced course on the basics of using Artisan. It's perfect for beginners!

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Focus on Historian Membership

Training for Historian users, plus access to photography and photo editing tips.

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Benefits of a pixels2Pages Membership

pixels2Pages Blueprints make digital scrapbooking easy and fun

Download Blueprints for quick, beautiful page designs.

Every month you'll get a set of new Blueprints—fully customizable templates that make it easy to create beautiful pages or spreads in minutes. Just fill each element with photos, papers, or embellishments, and watch your pages come to life.

pixels2Pages has tons of quality tutorials

Learn new skills and techniques.

You’ll have access to special in-depth training videos, tips, and inspiration to help you become a master scrapbooker in no time! The Pixies of pixels2Pages use Artisan every day. There’s no one better to learn from, and you can go at your own pace.

pixels2Pages gives you step-by-step instructions in all their challenges

Find creative challenges & inspiration.

There’s a never-ending supply of step-by-step challenges and ideas to help you create your next project. Check out their latest Pages e-zine and see what people are creating.

Become part of a fun, creative community.

Get inspired by scrapbooking pros
Learn together with friends
Ask questions and get personal answers

As a member of pixels2Pages, you can attend virtual crops, make new friends, find time for creativity, and grow your artistic skills. There's a friendly group of people waiting to cheer you on for your next project. Visit pixels2Pages for more details and membership options.

6 years and counting of helping folks create and celebrate their family memories.

pixels2Pages is a group of women who have been using Artisan and helping others do the same since its first release. Their passion for helping others knows no bounds.