News Post: Rabbit, Rabbit! December 2023

December is here and we will soon be saying goodbye to 2023. We hope you had an amazing year of inspiration and we look forward to providing you with even more inspiration in 2024. For now, take a few minutes to see what we are up to and make sure you don't miss out on important information.

2023 Holiday Shopping Deadlines

There is still time for you to get the perfect last minute gift just in time for gift-giving season. CLICK HERE or the image below for a good view of all deadlines.

Holiday Deadlines 2023.jpg

Over the Rainbow Virtual Party

The Over the Rainbow Virtual Crop tickets have launched and we want you to join us. Save $30 by getting your early bird ticket on or before December 31, 2023. CLICK HERE for more details and to get your ticket. Be sure to invite a friend.

Training weekend will be held April 19-21, 2024 with optional pre-crop activities being held starting March 2024. The goody bag will be exceptional with a value of over $300. Don't miss out on the party of the year.

otrvp team page banner.png

Do you want the opportunity to win a free ticket to Over the Rainbow?

You are all ordering your holiday gifts, and there is nothing better that the feeling one gets when opening their completed projects. We would like to share in the joy of you opening your projects. Share an unboxing Video with us for an opportunity to win.

  • CLICK HERE to view a sample of an unboxing video.
  • Create a video with clear video and audio of you opening a package you received from FOREVER.
  • Be sure to specifically mention FOREVER in your video and make sure the FOREVER branding on the box is visible in the video. It is also helpful to mention the FOREVER Service used (i.e. FOREVER Print, FOREVER Design and Print, FOREVER Digitization, FOREVER pixels2Pages, or FOREVER Family Research.)
  • Upload your video to our Collaborative Album on or before December 30, 2023.

The winner will be announced in the January 2024 Rabbit, Rabbit news post. If you have already purchased your Over the Rainbow Ticket, you will receive a Gift Certificate for the value of your ticket.

CLICK HERE to add your video to our Collaborative Album.


The Pixie Pulse is on Its Way

The pixels2Pages Team is excited to announce that effective January 1, 2024, we will be sending out our brand new newsletter. The newsletter is called The Pixie Pulse and it will keep you up to date on everything at the heart of pixels2Pages. If you have already signed up for our newsletter, you will automatically receive this newsletter. CLICK HERE to sign up for the newsletter.

The Pixie Pulse Banner.png

2023 Productivity Challenge Q4

We are at the end of the Productivity Challenge. We know this is month may be hectic for you, so we are giving you additional time to claim your prize. You will have until January 15, 2024 to complete the Productivity Challenge. The submission form, along with details for the 2024 Challenge will be included in the January 1, 2024 Rabbit Rabbit. For full details about the Productivity Challenge, CLICK HERE or on the image below.

2023 Productivity Challenge Home Page Slider2.jpg

December Calendar

Stay up to date on what’s coming this month thanks to Mary’s beautiful and detailed calendar. We encourage you to download and print the calendar each month to help you keep track of all that’s available to you.


November Membership Offerings

Did you miss out on some of our offerings last month? CLICK HERE to see everything posted on our website in November.

New Member Promotion

Anyone who joins pixels2Pages as a NEW monthly or yearly member can take advantage of this offer and get over 100 Blueprints to add to their collection. This promotion will end on January 1, 2024 when we start a new promotion that will take us through 2024. Just click the image below for details.



FOREVER regularly offers deals on digital art, printed products, storage, streaming, and of course, Deal of the Day every day on digital art. Remember to check the FOREVER Deals page regularly for the latest deals.

p2P LIVE Events Calendar

If you are interested in attending a p2P LIVE Event, p2P EXPERIENCE, or any of our quarterly crops, CLICK HERE or the image below for dates and additional details.

p2P LIVE Events.png

Image Deletion Request Form

Almost every post by pixels2Pages contains a collaborative album. Once you have uploaded to our collaborative albums, you are unable to edit or delete your images. If you upload a page in error, please fill out THIS FORM and then upload your new image.