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Blog: Rabbit, Rabbit! October 2021

This is the month of our quarterly crop! We are excited to have you join us for this free quarterly event happening October 22-24. Read the post for all the details. Find out what's coming up for the month of October and what you missed in September in this monthly blog news post.

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Blog: Rabbit, Rabbit! September 2021

It's back to school time and fall in the northern hemisphere, where our thoughts start turning to cooler weather and the different activities we engage in at this time of year. Be sure to create and capture those memories in photo albums or wall art or other fun products that will help you and your loved ones remember them forever. Find out what's coming up for the month of September and what you missed in August in this monthly blog news post.

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New Beginnings Crop Interactive Agenda

We are so glad that you are joining us for the pixels2Pages™ New Beginnings Virtual Crop. This is a lite crop jam packed with a lot of fun. This crop is self-paced, and you can pop in whenever you want. All Webinars will be recorded, and links added to the interactive agenda. You have the freedom to complete some or all of the crop offerings. The scheduled post times are Eastern Time.

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Design Principle Webinar and Tip: Contrast

This tip is the fourth in a series of Tips+Webinars on Design Principles, and it will expand our discussion of the principle of contrast. Over the last two months, we explored the principle of dominance and how we use visual hierarchy to focus attention on particular elements on our scrapbook pages and to captivate our viewers. In those discussions, we introduced the principle of contrast, and today, we’ll take a deeper dive into that concept.

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