Let's Cook Together Crop Webinar: New Products

Join Kim and Mary as they show you the brand-new kits included in today's Deal of the Day (October 29, 2022) and many inspiring techniques you can do with them.

The live webinar was held on Saturday, October 29, 2022 at 2:00 PM Eastern.

Webinar Breakdown

Blueprint Builder – Pumpkins & Vines (2:40)

  • Adding Layers and Pieces to a Blueprint Builder (3:52)
  • Changing Aspect Ratio to Resize Photo and Frame Together (9:28)
  • Filling Elements (15:28)
  • Adding Blueprint Template to Page (27:39)
  • Custom Shadowing Photos (32:33)

Blueprint Builder – Cookbook Mega Kit (34:42)

  • Sample Pages (35:33)
  • Kit Elements (40:48)
  • Cover Samples (43:17)
  • Page Overlays (48:35)
  • Recipe Cards (54:43)

We have created not one, but two, Blueprint Builders for you. One is perfect for fall called Pumpkins & Vines. The other is a Blueprint Builder Cookbook Mega Kit, perfect for all of your recipes and cooking photos. Artisan users love our Blueprint Builders, and with Deal of the Day, you can purchase them for 50% off on October 29, 2022 at noon Eastern Time to October 30, 2022 at noon Eastern Time on the FOREVER Deals Page. Click here between noon Eastern Time on October 29, 2022 and 11:59 AM Eastern Time on October 30, 2022 to purchase and see them.

Blueprint Builder – Pumpkins & Vines

Now available in the FOREVER Store is Blueprint Builder – Pumpkins & Vines. The kit includes 12 Photo Arrangement Templates, 12 Layered Templates, and 36 Overlays.

Blueprint Builder Pumpkins And Vines Store Image.jpg

Blueprint Builder – Cookbook Mega Kit

Now available in the FOREVER Store is Blueprint Builder – Cookbook Mega Kit. The kit includes 33 Embellishments, 31 Cover Overlays making 3 covers, 11, 12x12 Overlays to design your pages, 32, 6x4 Overlays to design recipe cards, 13 Templates.



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