Let's Cook Together Crop Wrap-Up

What a whirlwind weekend this has been, and the fun has just begun. While the last official posts of the crop have been published, the party isn't over. We hope you enjoyed all of the demonstrations, new product reveals, and offerings provided the past 72 hours. The amount of support that you have shown the FOREVER pixels2Pages team over the past year as we share our love for all things FOREVER means a lot to us. We encourage you to continue to create and share your pages with the pixels2Pages Community as there is still plenty of opportunity to win an exclusive Blueprint.

Collaborative Album Winners

Thank you to everyone who posted to our collaborative albums. Click the image below to see if you are a winner. If you are a winner, you are welcome to chose an exclusive Blueprint. When filling out yoru prize form, you were notified by "Other" and you can list "web post." Your prized is for #p2PLetsCookCollabAlbumWinners.


If you see your layout in our winners circle, you will be able to choose an exclusive Blueprint. All prizes must be claimed no later than November 13, 2022.

PixieVerse Tickets are on Sale

Did you purchase your PixieVerse Ticket? If you enjoyed this crop, you are going to go crazy for PixieVerse. Everyone who purchases their PixieVerse ticket before the end of the Crop can choose an exclusive Blueprint using the Prize Selection Form in the featured offering section of this post. You must put "PixieVerse" and your Order number in the field for how you won the prize. PixieVerse Public News Post Banner.png

Exclusive Badge Page

If you have been actively participating in this crop, you have likely earned at least 20 badges. 20 Badges is all it takes to get this beautiful badge Blueprint: Black Sand Beach by Kim Mannino. All you have to do is submit your badge page by 11:59pm Eastern Time on November 6, 2022 to earn your prize.


Badge Submission Process

Everyone who earns 20 or more badges and submits a Badge page or shares a Badge album will earn an exclusive Blueprint. You must submit your Badge page or album using the badge submission form to receive the exclusive Blueprint.

If you are not creating a badge page and, instead, using a FOREVER Album, you will need to share the link to your Badge album from your FOREVER Badge album by clicking on the “Share Album” button and copying the link (do not simply copy the browser URL).

Badge submission image.jpg

If you have created a badge page, please follow these instructions to get the link necessary for the form:

Badge Page links.jpg


Spell PIXIE by filling any horizontal row. Spell MAGIC by filling any vertical column or spell PIXIE MAGIC by filling any diagonal rows. Every time you spell PIXIE, MAGIC, or PIXIE MAGIC, you may post your Bingo page as a new entry in the raffle. Every Pixie Magic Bingo Card posted to the FOREVER pixels2Pages Community Facebook group will have the opportunity to win an exclusive Blueprint. Winners will be chosen throughout the crop. The final winners will be announced on November 6, 2022.


NEW FOR THIS CROP: Everyone who achieves a Blackout Bingo (covers every square on the Bingo card) wins their choice of an exclusive Blueprint. When choosing your exclusive Blueprint and answering how you won, put #p2PBlackOutBingo and put "Other" for the Pixie who selected you. See the linked post or click here for the Exclusive Blueprint Vault.

Note: A completed page can only be used once on a Bingo card. You can post your Bingo page each time you complete an additional row or column for another chance to win.

Use the following hashtag when posting your Bingo pages


Bingo pages posted without this hashtag may be excluded from prize selection.

BINGO Lets Cook Together.jpg

Extra gifts for you!

As an extra special gift to everyone who participated in this crop we have a Grunge Masks Crop Freebie for you courtesy of Across the Pond Designs. Click the image below to add this kit to your cart.

Grunge Masks Crop Freebie by Across the Pond Designs

Wrap Up Gift Public Lets Cook Together 2.jpg

Our members mean the world to us and the designers who you support. To show our appreciation, Alphabet Soup has provided this cool Alpha Set just for our members. If you are a pixels2Pages members, click the image below so you can get this utterly delicious Alpha Set from Alphabet Soup.

Iced Alpha by Alphabet Soup

Wrap Up Gift Members Lets Cook Together 2.jpg

Happy Cropping!

-- The pixels2Pages Team


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