CROPS ONLY Exclusive Blueprint Vault (Prize Selection Form)

All Spa Party Crop prizes must be claimed on or before January 31, 2023.

Congratulations on winning an Exclusive Blueprint Prize.

Below you can browse all of the Exclusive Blueprints in our Exclusive Blueprint Bank. When you see a Blueprint you like, please check your Blueprint downloads and make sure you have not previously chosen this Blueprint in a past crop. If you do not have the Blueprint, you can click the image to fill out the form to obtain an entitlement for the chosen Blueprint.

We cannot provide you with a replacement Blueprint once you gain an entitlement to one.

Please select only ONE Blueprint per winner notification. To select a Blueprint, use the arrows to scroll to your desired Blueprint. Double click the page of your desired Blueprint to access the prize selection form. Hover over the Exclusive Blueprint embedd and click the square in the bottom right to make the embedd full screen.

We work on the honor system. Please do not choose a Blueprint if you have not been notified that you have won a prize. We verify all Blueprint forms, and the store report must match our verified winners form. If you knowingly fill out this form without having won a prize, you will be prohibited from winning future prizes and/or participating in future events.