Getting Started with FOREVER Historian 6

Welcome! We are so excited that you have decided to use FOREVER Historian 6 Software. pixels2Pages provides premium training and inspiration for FOREVER's desktop software which included FOREVER Artisan 6 and FOREVER Historian 6. While most of our content requires a membership, the FOREVER pixels2Pages Team is committed to providing basic information to the general public.

FOREVER Historian 6 has some great new features and fresh new look, but it also keeps some key functionality from FOREVER Historian 4. This means that much of our Historian 4 training is suitable for Historian 6. The key difference is that your Vault is now called a Cabinet. If you refer to one of our older posts, you would need to substitute this terminology. On this page, you will see several featured offerings that can be used with Historian 6. Over time, this page will become a Getting Started Guide with new Tip and Videos featuring the basics of FOREVER Historian 6.