Historian 4 Tip: Merging Vaults Avoiding Duplicates (Public Post)

Historian has a built in Merge Vault function. It works really well and is easy to use. However, it does not automatically detect duplicates. If you have Media Vaults that include some of the same photos, merging those vaults will result in duplicate images. Below is a method for combining those Media Vaults in a way that identifies the duplicates before they are imported, allowing you to decide if you want to import them or not. This method is a little more manual than using the Merge button, but it is straightforward and effective.

Note: What is referenced as a Vault in Historian 4 has had the terminology changed in Historian 6. In Historian 6, the Vault is now known as the Cabinet. The Vault in Historian 4 is the same as the Cabinet in Historian 6

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