Welcome to the Crop: We Bee Croppin'

Welcome to the pixels2Pages™ We Be Croppin' Virtual Crop. We are excited to keep all you worker bees busy being inspired and creating. This post will have all of the general information you need about the crop. Please review this post in its entirety before continuing with the crop. This should have the answers to many of your questions.

The main hashtag for the crop is:


Please use this hashtag on every page you post on social media. Every offering will have its own hashtag directly on the post. Be sure to add all related hashtags to your social media post so that we can be inspired by your pages. If you have never posted an image on social media, Lesson 3 of the Getting Started Guide (see below) will help you get started. If you do not want to post your pages on social media, but would like to share them in our FOREVER Collaborative Albums, links to helpful offerings appear on the right hand side of this page and on every page featuring a Collaborative Album.

If you are new to the FOREVER Artisan software and struggling with the basics, please refer to our Getting Started Guide:

CLICK HERE for the Getting Started Guide for FOREVER Artisan 5. (Note: This link goes to our native pixels2Pages site.)

In order to make things easier to find, here are the links that you will use over and over again during the crop:


Badges are a way of keeping track of your productivity during this crop. For every page you make and every offering you complete, you earn a badge. At any time before the cropping period ends on January 31, 2022, you can display all of the badges you have earned on a page or in a FOREVER Album and submit them to receive an exclusive Blueprint. If you are creating a page, it does not have to be fancy. You also don't need to post every page you create to earn a badge. We work on the honor system.

Badge image.png

All badges are available in our Badges album. You can select multiple badges or choose them one at a time to download or copy to your FOREVER Library. NOTE: if you download multiple images at once, they will download in a zipped folder.

badge download image.jpg

New Badge Submission Process

Everyone who earns 20 or more badges and submits a Badge page or shares a Badge album will earn an exclusive Blueprint. You must submit your Badge page or album using the badge submission form to receive the Exclusive Blueprint.

If you are not creating a badge page and, instead, using a FOREVER Album, you will need to share the link to your Badge album from your FOREVER Badge album by clicking on the “Share Album” button and copying the link (do not simply copy the browser URL).

Badge submission image.jpg

If you have created a badge page, please follow these instructions to get the link necessary for the form:

Badge Page links.jpg

Exclusive Badge Blueprint

The We Bee Croppin' Exclusive Badge Blueprint is called Be Happy by Kim Mannino. Collect your badges so you can add this to your collection.


Exclusive Prize Blueprints

During our lite crops, we usually have one new exclusive Blueprint that people can win as they post pages and/or participate in games. This time, we will have two for you to choose from. The more you participate in the crop, the more chances you will have to win.

The first Exclusive Blueprint is Bloomtastic by Tameka Bond


The second exclusive Blueprint is Salmon Ruins by Mary Browder


Cropping with a Team/Raffles

At every p2P Virtual Crop, participants are encouraged to crop together as a team using a team hashtag and posting their pages in the pixels2Pages Facebook Community. At the end of the crop, a page is randomly selected and the person who created the page, along with their entire team, wins an Exclusive Blueprint collection! Since this is a lite crop and there are only two Exclusive Blueprints instead of three, The creator of the winning page will win the both exclusives along with their choice of a third exclusive from our Exclusive Blueprint bank for their entire team. Crop alone or crop with a team. Every page posted is a chance to win. The winning page will be chosen from pages posted in the FOREVER pixels2Pages Community. The winner will be announced during the Crop Wrap Webinar.


The Bingo Card Template is a great resource that can get you motivated to try new things and complete more pages, so we are giving you the Bingo Card template at the beginning of the crop.

Spell PIXIE by filling any horizontal row. Spell MAGIC by filling any vertical column or spell PIXIE MAGIC by filling any diagonal rows. Every Pixie Magic Bingo Card posted to the pixels2Pages™ Community Facebook group will be entered into a random draw for a $10.00 coupon to use on pixels2Pages-branded digital art. Three winners will be chosen (2 from the pixels2Pages Community and 1 from our Bingo Collaborative Album). Bingo pages must be posted by the end of day on January 31, 2022. Bingo pages posted in the pixels2Pages Community need to have the hashtag #p2PWeBeeCroppinBingo in the post in order to be chosen. Post your Bingo page each time you get Bingo for more chances to win. Bingo winners will be announce on or about February 1, 2022.

Note: A completed page can only be used once on a Bingo card.

We Bee Croppin Bingo.jpg

The actual Bingo pages are 12 x 12 pre-designed templates which can be found in The We Bee Croppin' Crop Kit and Crop Kit Sampler below.

Our Gift to pixels2Pages Members

We always kick off the crop with an exclusive gift for our pixels2Pages™ Members. This crop kit was created especially for everyone who participates in this crop. This kit is a $14.95 value, but members will get it FREE. Members must CLICK HERE to add this kit to their cart. You must then remove all coupon codes (including CLUB5) and use Promo Code: P2PWEBEECROPPIN to get this kit for FREE. This promo code will not work if you do not have an active pixels2Pages membership. The coupon code for this kit will expire on March 31, 2022.

If the coupon code does not work with you, go to your FOREVER account recurring payments and confirm that you have an active membership.

STORE IMAGE We Bee Croppin.jpg

Our Gift to pixels2Pages Friends

We can't forget about our friends in the pixels2Pages Community who are thinking about getting a pixels2Pages Membership or don't have a current membership. CLICK HERE for a free sampler kit. This sampler is a collection of elements from the full crop kit (above) and also includes the Bingo card and a pre-designed page. You do not need to download the sampler if you are a Member with the full kit.

STORE IMAGE We Bee Croppin Sampler Kit.jpg


What is a crop without digital art savings? The current digital art sale is 40% off all digital art with promo code BEGINNINGS. pixels2Pages members will also get an extra 10% off on featured art kits for a nearly 50% savings with promo code WEBEECROPPIN.



Not a pixels2Pages Member?

Now is the perfect time to join. Anyone who joins with a new yearly membership this month will get three (3) extra months of pixels2Pages Blueprints instantly and automatically added to their pixels2Pages account.

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FOREVER Artisan 6 is the best and most powerful version of Artisan yet. Converting to Artisan 6 has its privileges. Anyone who purchases Artisan 6 or Artisan 6 Upgrade between now on Sunday, January 23, 2022 at 11:59PM Eastern Time will receive both of the Exclusive Blueprints released during this Crop. To make it even sweeter, lets set some goals. If we get 100 people to upgrade to Artisan 6 over this Crop weekend, we will enter everyone into a raffle to receive a $20 coupon good to use any Lucky Girl Creative Digital Art product. We will pick 10 lucky winners.

Happy Cropping!

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