Tip: Uploading Images to your FOREVER Account for Sharing

It is super easy to upload the pages you have created and get them ready for sharing in our Collaborative Albums. You must have a FOREVER account. It can be a free account.

Upload to FOREVER

  • Select the page(s) you would like to upload and click OK
  • Log in to your FOREVER account, if prompted
  • Choose whether to upload to your FOREVER Library or a specific Album > Start Upload

Edit your image description

Your image description is where you add details of the digital art you used on your page and any other credits. If you plan to add your page to a Collaborative Album, you must edit the image while it is still in your FOREVER account. Once your image is added to a Collaborative Album, you will not be able to edit or delete it.

  • Go to your FOREVER account
  • Navigate to your Library or the Album you chose to upload your image(s) to
  • Click on your image to open up its lightbox
  • Click on Edit Info
  • Edit the Name of your image, if desired
  • Edit the description of your image (type credits or paste previously copied credits here)
  • Click Save

Your image is now ready to add to a Collaborative Album.