Tip: Adding Images to a Collaborative Album

You can add images to our Collaborative Albums directly from your FOREVER account or from a location on your computer.

Uploading Images that are already in your FOREVER Account

  • In the post you would like to engage with, click the Share in an Album link Tip Collaborative Album 1.JPG

  • Click on Add Files

Tip Collab Album 2.png

  • Navigate to where your image is saved (either your Library or an Album)
  • Select the image(s) that you want to add to the Collaborative Album
  • Add Selected

Tip Collab Album 3.jpg

Your image is now a part of the Collaborative Album. You can no longer edit the image in the Collaborative Album, but the original editable image remains in your account.

Uploading an image directly from your computer

Here are some other helpful tips. These tips are on the pixels2Pages.net native site.