Video Tidbit: Octa Dozen

This fun technique can be used to create a page with 12 years of school photos, 12 months of baby's first year photos, 12 months of a year. The possibilities are endless. You will learn how to create a fun "circle" of 12 octagon shapes.

Objective: Learn how to make a page with a dozen octagons

Video Notes:

  1. Insert an octagon from built-in kits.

    1. Size> 2x2; Fill doesn't matter; 3 point stroke; color of your choice
  2. Convert to a photo drop point. Right click> Fill> Convert to photo drop point

    1. Mat the octagon

      1. Photo> Frame> Customize> Add an effect> Insert frame cutout mat> Mat Fill> Select color of your choice> Width 1> Cutout Octagon
      2. Photo> Frame> Customize> Add an effect> Insert frame cutout mat> Mat Fill> Transparent> Width 0> Cutout Octagon
    2. Copy and paste the octagon 11 times by selecting the element and right clicking copy and right clicking paste

      1. Position the octagons on the page by selecting each octagon and typing in the numbers below in the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)

        1. Octagon 1 - X:6; Y:1
        2. Octagon 2 - X:7.4; Y:2.5
        3. Octagon 3 - X:8.8; Y:4
        4. Octagon 4 - X:8.8; Y:6.08
        5. Octagon 5 - X:7.4; Y:7.6
        6. Octagon 6 - X:6; Y:9.1
        7. Octagon 7 - X:3.9; Y:9.1
        8. Octagon 8 - X:2.5; Y:7.6
        9. Octagon 9 - X:1.1; Y:6.08
        10. Octagon 10 - X:1.1; Y:4
        11. Octagon 11 - X:2.5; Y:2.5
        12. Octagon 12 - X:3.9; Y:1
      2. Complete the page by adding photos, paper, and embellishments


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