The Heat Is On Crop Interactive Agenda

Welcome to our third crop of the year. It is a lite one-day crop, but we have lots of fun in store. Check out our self-paced agenda.

You can download our printable agenda, or use the interactive agenda (below). Click on the blue text which is a hyperlink to the related post. THE LINKS ON THE INTERACTIVE AGENDA WILL NOT BE ACTIVE UNTIL THE TIME SHOWN. All times are listed in Eastern Time (US).

All posts are member-only unless indicated. In order to access the posts, you must be logged in.

You can register for the Crop Wrap-up Webinar at any time from 5:00 AM on August 14, 2021 up and through when the time the webinar is in progress. After the live airing of the webinar is complete, you can register and watch the recording until such time that we upload the physical recording.


For years we have done live videos in the pixels2Pages community for those who are actively cropping , engaging and posting in our Facebook group. These videos are randomly held and often hard to find. Due to new functionality, we are able to create direct links to the Facebook Live videos on the interactive agenda. You need to have a Facebook account and be a member of the pixels2Pages Community group in order to see these videos. These videos will not be available any other way and some actually require you to use Facebook to complete. If Facebook is not required to complete the challenge, a summary of instructions is listed on the interactive agenda.