Let's Cook Together Crop Webinar: Ornaments

It's ornament season! Join Mary, Kim, and Pam as they share some creative things they do with the variety of ornaments that FOREVER has to offer. The pixels2Pages Team has a free gift for you so you can make special keepsakes of your own.

The live webinar was held on Friday, October 28, 2022 at 7:30 PM Eastern.

Webinar Breakdown

  • Ornaments as Tags for Sports Bags (2:36)
  • Showing Actual Printed Ornaments (7:21)
  • Ornaments as Tags for Medical Supplies (10:00)
  • Ornament Blueprints (11:45)
  • Designing Ornaments in Artisan (18:10)
  • Demo of Plastic Tag Holder to attach to bags (26:36)

As our gift to you, we are giving you six ornament Blueprints to help you easily make your own ornaments. Enjoy!



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