News Post: Rabbit, Rabbit! August 2022

Can you believe we are in August already? Many of us are returning from the most amazing FOREVER Live event in Denver, Colorado. The new product announcements were plentiful, and we look forward to sharing how we use them in the months to come.

There is a lot of important information in this Rabbit Rabbit post. Grab a cuppa and read this post thoroughly.

pixels2Pages Quarterly Crop

Our Food, Friends & Sunshine crop is in full swing. If you didn’t get a chance to participate, there is still time to join in on the fun. CLICK HERE to view the Interactive Agenda and get all caught up. You can create, earn badges, and win prizes through August 7, 2022, at 11:59 Eastern.

Our next quarterly crop, Let's Cook Together, will be held October 28-30, 2022. Mark your calendars now and plan to join us for the magic. You do not need to register for this crop. Just come back to to join in on the fun. Crops are an added perk of membership, so you will want to join today to access and receive exclusive content.

CROP LOGO SQUARE Lets Cook Together.jpg

Say Goodbye to

For over a year we have been using our new website to deliver content to you. For a period of time we posted links on the old site to make it easy to find the content on the new site. We posted our last post on the old site in December, 2021, and have exclusively used our new website to deliver content. For over a year, we have been reminding p2P Members to download any Blueprints that they have not downloaded off of the old site. Effective September 1, 2022, will redirect to our new site and you will no longer be able to access content off of the old site. We will not be able to provide you with content from the old site. Please take a few moments to make sure that you have downloaded all content that you are entitled to from the old site.

Old Website.JPG

Important News Regarding your FOREVER pixels2Pages™ Membership

Effective August 1, 2022, for renewing memberships, the FOREVER pixels2Pages membership have increased for the first time in over a decade. A monthly membership is $17.99, and a yearly membership is $179.99.

For nearly 13 years, FOREVER pixels2Pages has been inspiring people to create works of heart using FOREVER® desktop software and its legacy software. We have made many improvements and added bonuses to the pixels2Pages membership without a price increase. The pixels2Pages Team provides training and inspiration on FOREVER desktop software (FOREVER Artisan and FOREVER Historian). Your pixels2Pages membership fee includes:

  • Weekly Videos (4-5 per month)
  • Weekly Bright Ideas (printable step by step guides for a creative technique) (4-5 per month)
  • Four Tips per month
  • 21 monthly Blueprints (9 unique designs in 3 sizes)
  • Access to the complete archive of content
  • A robust Facebook Group

We also provide the following bonus content at no additional charge to our members:

  • 2-3 Crops per year
  • Creative Webinars several times per year
  • Bonus digital art
  • Exclusive pixels2Pages member-only discounts
  • Getting Started Guides
  • Productivity Challenges and Freebie Content

Bonus content is subject to change at any time.

Over the past year, FOREVER has made significant improvements to pixels2Pages starting with a brand new website. While the new website is still a work in progress, it has significantly changed the way you enjoy your membership by bringing increased speed with no hassle. Don't worry, commenting and increased site navigation are also on our roadmap, along with completely refreshed Getting Started Guides for both Artisan and Historian.

With all of the wonderful things pixels2Pages has to offer, the membership has never had a price increase since being acquired by FOREVER in 2016. As a matter of fact, in 2018, we lowered the cost of the membership for renewing yearly members when we implemented the loyalty discount.

Please be reminded that ALL P2P MEMBERSHIPS ARE AUTO-RENEWING. You can manage your FOREVER pixels2Pages Membership from within your FOREVER Account> Order History> Recurring Payments.

Do you want to switch from a monthly membership to a yearly membership?

If your monthly membership began on our old website (, the most important thing for you to know is that you will be cancelling your current membership and purchasing a new one. Also, because you will be starting a new membership, you will no longer have access to Blueprints that are exclusively on All that means is that you need to be up-to-date with your downloads (always a good plan!) and you need to have your Blueprints saved and backed up (another good plan!). All of your Blueprints that are here on the new site will remain in your entitlements, so you won't miss out on a thing. Follow these steps to switch from a monthly membership to a yearly membership.

You must cancel your current monthly membership BEFORE you are able to purchase a new yearly membership.

  • Log in to your account
  • Go to Accounts > Order History > Recurring Payments
  • Cancel your current monthly membership, making note of the day it was due to renew. That is when you will want to purchase your new annual membership.
  • On or around the time that your monthly membership was due to renew, purchase a new annual membership from the Forever store.

Website Navigation

As you know, we are still in website transition. We know some of you are struggling to find things on the site. Important functionality (such as navigation and commenting) is on our road map. These things do take time. We are, however, actively creating ways to navigate the website and find the content you are looking for which would go hand in hand with future site navigation. CLICK HERE or the image below for more details.

Site Navigation CMS.jpg

August Membership Promotion

FOREVER pixels2Pages has a special promotion for the month of August. Join FOREVER pixels2Pages™ with a new Yearly OR Monthly Membership and get 6 months of Bonus Blueprints plus 1 year of Crop Blueprints. This is a great deal, so we encourage you to share the digi-love with everyone you know and invite a friend to become a part of this vibrant FOREVER pixels2Pages Community. The best part about this promotion is that you can claim it immediately after joining. Just click the image below and add the promotion to your cart. P2PNEWMEMBERQ32022

Z Q3 p2P Member Promo.jpg

Remember to check the FOREVER Deals page regularly for the latest deals.

Changes to the pixels2Pages Team

Yesterday we announced that Nathalie Séguin will be retiring from the pixels2Pages team to focus on her family. Nathalie has spent over a year providing incredibly creative offerings for the community. Her offerings were unique, her perspective was fresh, and we will miss her style and contributions. While she will no longer be on the pixels2Pages team, Nathalie has assured us that she will continue to share her creativity, inspiring others through the pages she creates as an active part of the pixels2Pages Community. She will also return to her position as a pixels2Pages Auxiliary Team Member (PPC/Pixie Power Committee) and provide a fresh perspective that only she can with experience from both the p2P and PPC Teams. We wish Nathalie well in all of her future endeavors.

With Nathalie's departure, we needed to add someone to the team who would be able to help us keep the pixels2Pages offerings diverse, fun, and creative. Melanie Radko will be joining the pixels2Pages Team effective immediately. Melanie has been a pixels2Pages member since 2015 and joined the PPC in January 2021. She has hosted several p2P LIVE Events and has been a guest trainer at pixels2Pages Virtual Parties (Mountain Top Crop and Hollywood Crop) for two years in a row. She is ready to hit the ground running, and we are excited to have her joining our team.

Nathalie Seguin and Melanie Radko.jpg

Blueprint Change

You may have noticed a change with your August Blueprints. Instead of being available on the last Saturday of the month, they became available today. Starting with our August Blueprints, we have shifted Blueprint day to the first of every month instead of the last Saturday of the preceding month. This will help us streamline our processes.


Our Blueprint delivery has changed. While we still give you individual Blueprints in a .zip folder, these Blueprints are now handled through the FOREVER Store. Membership Blueprints will be automatically added to your FOREVER account download history on the first of every month. Crop and other bonus Blueprints will be processed as a store purchase so that you are able to keep the Blueprint entitlement in your download history.

We have already transferred all Blueprints from April 2021 through July 2022 to the new format. Everyone who was a member on July 1, 2022 at 12:30 PM Eastern received an entitlement to these Blueprints. The Blueprints have been added to your download history. You can also download your Blueprints right from the Blueprint post.

CLICK HERE so that you can watch a video showing this new functionality.

July Posts

Did you miss out on some of our offerings in this month? CLICK HERE to see everything posted on our website in July.

Productivity Challenge and Blueprints

Have you been participating in the Productivity Challenges? Hundreds of pixles2Pages Members are actively participating and claiming their prizes. At the end of the year, they will be able to attend a virtual p2P LIVE Event. They will even have an opportunity to win their own p2P LIVE Event. There are two more quarters to join us on this incredible journey. Third quarter ends October 7. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Productivity Challenges.


We also want to give the gift that keeps giving. Every month we are giving out a Blueprint Collection that will allow you to create a title collage that can be used for Day2Day or productivity purposes. These templates are for p2P Members only and can only be accessed from within this monthly news post. For more information, click the image below or on the right hand side of this page.


August Calendar

Stay up to date on what’s coming this month thanks to Mary’s beautiful and detailed calendar. We encourage you to download and print the calendar each month to help you keep track of all that’s available to you. Consider printing this calendar in black and white if ink usage is an issue for you. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW to access the calendar.


2022-2023 Live Events Calendar

p2P LIVE! events are coordinated and sponsored by local Ambassadors and hosts, and the training is done by a member of the FOREVER pixels2Pages team. Space is generally limited. If you are interested in attending or hosting a p2P LIVE event near you, send an email to CLICK HERE or the image below to see the entire p2P LIVE schedule.

p2P LIVE Events.png