2022 Productivity Challenges

Are you looking to stay on top of your projects in 2022? We have something awesome in store for you. No matter what your learning style is, you will be able to participate and get rewarded throughout 2022.

In 2021, Rachel Pearce of Seatrout Scraps provided us with a wonderful template that could be used to keep track of all of the Bright Ideas you have done throughout the year. If you completed all of the Bright Ideas, then you have a template with all of the photo holders filled and you have completed at least 52 pages for the year. Rachel has created another one of these templates for you to use during 2022. This template will be included included in the download with the productivity templates .

Bright Idea 2022 -Seatrout.jpg

This template can be used in lieu of the Bright Idea productivity template below.

We wanted to take it a step further in 2022. We know that not all of our members learn the same way and therefore, they don't navigate toward the same things. We have visual learners, auditory learners, read/write learners, and kinesthetic learners.

  • Visual learners tend to navigate to videos as they need to see it done.
  • Auditory learners tend to navigate to videos as they need to hear it explained.
  • Read/write learners tend to navigate to Bright Ideas as they like bullet lists with clear detailed written instructions.
  • Kinesthethic learners tend to navigate to Blueprints as they learn by doing.

While everyone has a dominant learning style, most are some combination of all learning styles. It is for this reason we need a challenge for all learning styles. We have created four templates which can be used to keep track of your progress as you use your pixels2Pages membership and complete pages.


The Video Tracker and Bright Idea Tracker templates are designed so you can keep track of the weekly offerings as you complete them. There are white stars that you can color in if you complete the page using the Video or Bright Idea the week it was released. The offerings are grouped so that you can easily see when you complete each quarter's worth of offerings. We give out a lot of Blueprints every year, so there are two templates to keep track of Blueprints. Each Blueprint template covers half the year and is divided in quarters. Dates and Bright Idea numbers are already on the templates, so all you have to do is add your name and location in the empty template and add your images as they are completed. You can even have a little fun and position your flat person on your template to show off your character.

We did not include Crops in these templates because Crops have their own rewards.

What is the challenge?

The challenge is simple. Use your pixels2Pages membership! You decide whether you want to focus on Videos, Bright Ideas, Blueprints or all three. We will have quarterly check-ins and every quarter you can earn a prize. You can check in for one quarter or the entire year. You can start at any time this year and go back and fill in the weeks you missed. Every quarter that you submit a productivity template with the entire quarter complete, you will be rewarded. The big reward will come at the end of the year. Everyone who completes all offerings on any one of the Productivity Templates (Blueprints must complete both templates) will receive a ticket to an exclusive live event which will be held early 2023. Three lucky winners will win their very own one-day p2P LIVE Event with the Pixie of their choice and up to 30 of their friends. This is an extraordinary value.

(Note: You can use either the pixels2Pages productivity template or the template created by Rachel Pearce to participate in the Bright Idea challenge.)

Will you be joining us?

Add your name and where you are from to the template. CLICK HERE to get the templates. You can also add your Flat Person on the template to show off a little personality, Post your empty template (or template with first offering filled in) to the collaborative album or the FOREVER pixels2Pages Community. When posting to the pixels2Pages Community, use #p2PHere2Create2022.

If you do not see a download button below CLICK HERE to get the templates for this challenge.

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