Video Tidbit: Photo Border

In this video, you will learn a very simple way to use your own photos to create a decorative border. Photos of flowers, greenery, architectural details, food and decorative objects can easily be transformed into personalized digital art.

Objective: To create a border embellishment using photos.

Video Notes:

  1. Ingredients: select 2 photos and 2 square masks.

    1. Add 2 photo frames to the page.

      1. Insert > Empty Frame.
      2. Repeat.
    2. Insert one photo in each of the frames.

      1. Adjust photos to fit the square frame to your liking.
    3. Select 2 square masks from your content library.

      1. Add each mask to the page and move them to the work area.
    4. Apply a mask effect to a photo.

      1. Select one of the square masks > Right Click > Copy.
      2. Select the first photo > Right Click > Effect > Edit > Add an effect > Insert mask layer > Paste.
      3. Pop-up menu > Click OK > Click OK again.
      4. Repeat these same steps for the second photo.
    5. Duplicate and rotate the photos.

      1. Select the first photo > Right Click > Copy > Right Click > Paste.
      2. With photo still selected > Arrange Ribbon > Rotate > Rotate 90° Clockwise.
      3. With the current photo still selected, repeat steps a and b.
      4. You now have 3 copies of the same photo.
      5. Select the second photo and repeat steps a, b and c.
    6. Move all the photo squares to form a horizontal line.

      1. Space each square to your liking.
      2. Finalize the alignment using the Align tools: select all the square photos.
      3. Select Arrange > Align > Select "Align selected elements to top edge of last selected element".
      4. Select the Quick Acces Tool Bar (QAT) > Select 7th button (evenly spaced horizontally).
      5. With elements still all selected > Group.
    7. Save a copy of the grouped elements in case you decide to make changes later on. Hide or move the copy to the work area.

      1. Select the remaining grouped elements > Flatten.

        1. Lock Aspect Ratio > Right Click > Aspect Ratio > Lock aspect ratio.
        2. Resize the border to fit your page.
      2. Your border is ready to be used on your page.

        1. Experiment with other photos and different masks!
        2. The possibilities are endless and the results will always be unique!


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