Historian 4 Tip: Fixing Pet Eye

Historian has wonderful tools to fix “red eye” in flash photos. These tools don’t tend to work so well on pet eyes, because pet eyes are different. In dogs (and many other animals, but not people), the retina has a reflective layer behind it, which acts like a mirror, reflecting light at the back of the eyes. The reflective layer is what helps dogs see better at night. Light is reflected outward, giving the dog’s retina a second chance to absorb the rays.

The best solution to avoiding so-called “pet eye” is to take photos of pets without the flash. Photos taken in natural light look much better. However, if you do have photos where the pet’s eyes are glaringly green or yellow, here are the steps to fix them in Historian.

Note: What is referenced as a Vault in Historian 4 has had the terminology changed in Historian 6. In Historian 6, the Vault is now known as the Cabinet. The Vault in Historian 4 is the same as the Cabinet in Historian 6

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