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FOREVER vs. Legacybox: Who do YOU Trust?


Our mission at FOREVER is to help people to save, organize and share their precious memories, now and for many generations into the future. Family memories – photos, films, videos and documents -- are truly precious. Of course, thousands of our clients back up their new digital photos and videos every day directly from their phones to their FOREVER accounts. But, digitizing old films, videos, photos and documents is also a key part of our complete memory keeping service.

Last week, the television show Inside Edition ran an investigative report demonstrating that our competitor, Legacybox, has lost or mishandled old media like films and videos sent to them by their customers for digital conversion. Based on seeing what really goes on behind the scenes at Legacybox, former employees say they would never trust Legacybox with their own memories! Watch the shocking video.

This negative report is jarring. And it should be. Please click below to watch a video with my thoughts on how FOREVER handles the precious memories of our clients.

Glen Meakem on how FOREVER safeguards memories

When I shared the Inside Edition report with one of our key staff members at the FOREVER Media Processing Center, she said the following:

“What is reported by Inside Edition is so unfortunate. At FOREVER, we take painstaking time labeling each and every roll of film, tape, etc. - not just the bag it came in, but the actual item so if it is accidentally set down it can easily be identified. Every order is binned, and that bin is labeled with a work order from the time we open the box. I believe our team members here at FOREVER don’t look at this as just a “job”, our hearts are in it and I could never imagine anybody here throwing anything out. That is so sad!”

Yes! For my team and me, our work at FOREVER is not just a job. It is a vital mission – our way of serving others every day in a deeply meaningful way. And there is no room for error. So, I hope you will join me in using FOREVER to digitize, save, organize, and share all your family memories – now and for generations to come!

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