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Canada - Provinces And Territories Bundle

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This is a bundle of 26 12x12 template sets for 10 Canadian provinces and 3 Canadian territories.

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This 12x12 template bundle of Canadian provinces and territories consists of my Canada - Alberta, Canada - British Columbia, Canada - Manitoba, Canada - New Brunswick, Canada - Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada - Nova Scotia, Canada - Ontario, Canada - Prince Edward Island, Canada - Quebec and Canada - Saskatchewan, Canada - Northwest Territories, Canada - Nunavut and Canada - Yukon template sets. There are two templates for each province. One template has one photo holder (except for Newfoundland and Labrador which has two photo holders) and a second template with multiple photos. There are also separate template sets for Canada - Labrador and for Canada - Newfoundland which are NOT included in this bundle. There is also a bundle with only the 10 Canadian provinces called Canada - Provinces Bundle. Look for more provinces and territories in my Canada template series.

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