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FOREVER® Partners with Genward, a Leading Genealogical Research Company

Forever, Inc. is excited to announce a co-marketing agreement with genealogical research company Genward, Inc.

(PITTSBURGH)   July 25, 2020 – Forever, Inc., the permanent and complete memory-keeping company, is excited to announce a co-marketing agreement with Genward, Inc. The partnership was officially announced today during the annual FOREVER LIVE! Virtual Convention, a global online event during which over one thousand FOREVER clients and Ambassadors gathered to connect, learn, and celebrate their memories together.

FOREVER and Genward have complementary missions. Genward leverages advanced technology like DNA analysis, genealogical principles, and a worldwide network of researchers to assist families and organizations in researching, writing, and publishing family histories. FOREVER offers the world’s first and only secure, trustworthy place in the internet cloud for memory-keepers to permanently preserve and share their photos, videos, audio files, and documents. Together, FOREVER and Genward will work toward their common goals of discovering, preserving, and celebrating family history.

Glen Meakem, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FOREVER, says, “I am thrilled to announce this partnership with Genward. I am a Genward client myself, with Genward helping me to research my family history. Genward does an amazing job, delivering invaluable research and information. I believe in Genward and its services and I know that thousands upon thousands of FOREVER clients could benefit from working with Genward.”

Roland Astorga, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Genward, feels the same way. He says, “My team and I at Genward wanted to form a partnership with FOREVER because we are all FOREVER clients. FOREVER is the one, trusted place in the cloud to permanently save, organize, and share all our precious family memories. It is the best place to digitize old materials and safeguard photos, documents, videos, and audio files for the long term. My team and I wanted to share FOREVER with all of our clients as well.”

FOREVER and Genward plan to develop and execute joint marketing strategies, promote each other’s products and services, and make joint appearances at industry and customer conferences. Many FOREVER and Genward employees and clients already use both services, so working together to benefit their communities is a logical next step. Stay up to date with their budding partnership – and with all FOREVER LIVE! developments and other FOREVER news at

FOREVER offers the only permanent and complete memory keeping solution in the internet cloud that people, families, and organizations can trust to preserve and share their precious memories. The Company offers FOREVER Storage®, digital conversion, content organization, online sharing, succession planning, and metadata preservation. It also offers design software, digital art, and online printing. FOREVER guarantees that the memories stored with FOREVER Storage will be preserved, protected, and available for at least 100 years, with a goal of many generations beyond.

About Genward
Genward offers individuals and families a comprehensive understanding of their ancestry and origins through DNA analysis and genealogy records obtained by a global network of experts that access the 95% of world’s records that are not digitized and online. Genward experts aid in writing, researching, preserving, publishing and sharing family histories through multiple online platforms such as,, and now

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