Historian / Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

To access the FAQs while working in Historian 6, click on the Help Menu – Historian Help and select "Historian™ 6 FAQs" in the Resources window. (Must have an internet connection.)

  • What is new in Historian 6?

  • What is a “Cabinet?”

  • Can I open a vault created in Historian 4 or Memory Manager with Historian 6?

  • Can I access my Shadow Copy and Backup files that I wrote to a CD/DVD in Historian 4 with Historian 6?

  • What is the difference between a New License and an Upgrade License of Historian 6?

  • Do I need to own Historian 4 before I can purchase Historian 6?

  • If I start in Trial Mode and use Historian 6 for less than 30 days, can I extend my trial period?

  • What are the updates to the Perfectly Clear® options in the Auto Fix tool?

  • I am new to FOREVER Historian™. How do I get started?

  • Do I need to own FOREVER Storage to use Historian 6 in Trial or Licensed (active) mode?

  • Do I need to enter an Activation Code to activate my Historian 6 software license?

  • What should I do if I purchased Historian 6 and my software doesn’t activate?

  • I used Facial Recognition in Historian 4. When I open my Cabinet in Historian 6, will all those face tags still be associated with my photos?

  • How do I use the Facial Recognition tool?

  • Do I have to use the Facial Recognition tool to assign Tags to photos?

  • What is the benefit of running the Facial Recognition tool instead of Tagging the photos on my own?

  • What is new in the FOREVER Connector?

  • How is Historian 6 different from FOREVER Storage?