Digitize Once. Enjoy for Generations.

FOREVER offers the best way to preserve your past in just a few easy steps. While most digital conversion services simply convert your family memories from one temporary format to another, FOREVER preserves your memories for generations online with FOREVER® permanent cloud storage.

Pack Your FOREVER® Box

Pack Your Box

Just pack your FOREVER Box with items to be digitized. We include a step-by-step welcome guide, barcodes for your items (plus extra if you find additional items you want digitized!), and a pre-paid FedEx shipping label. Drop your packed FOREVER Box off at a FedEx location and we'll take care of the rest.

Track Your Memories

Track Your Memories

We prioritize "do it right" quality over "push it through" volume and take every possible step to ensure the highest quality digitization. As our team of specialists carefully preserves your memories using state-of-the-art technology, you can track our progress in your FOREVER Box Center.

Enjoy for Generations

Enjoy for Generations

Receive all your original items back along with your digitized memories via your FOREVER® Box Center, thumb drive, or DVD. Once uploaded to your FOREVER Box Center, you can easily view, download, enjoy, and choose to preserve your memories for generations online with FOREVER® permanent cloud storage!

What Our Clients Have to Say

LOVED my Box!

It’s been 10 years since I’ve heard my grandma’s voice (and even longer for the others). I’m so grateful for a compan...

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April D.

Ready for the future!

My family history is coming back to life because of FOREVER and the amazing FOREVER Box! As the family historian, I r...

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Cindy M.


On February 23, 2007, my home burned to the ground. Everything we owned was gone. Fast forward to just a couple of...

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Brenda B.

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