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  • What is an "Item"?

  • What if I have extra items that I want to add to my FOREVER Box?

  • How will I get my digitized items back?

  • Can I order multiple copies of thumb drives and DVD sets of my digitized memories?

  • How many DVDs will I receive if I choose to get my videos back on DVD?

  • How do I know that my precious memories will be safe during shipping?

  • Where do you ship to?

  • Do you digitize sound on film?

  • Will you organize my digitized files in the order I packed them?

  • Do you restore or enhance my photos as part of the digitization process?

  • What if one of my items is blank, damaged, or cannot be converted?

  • Why should I digitize my memories?

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What Our Clients Have to Say


On February 23, 2007, my home burned to the ground. Everything we owned was gone. Fast forward to just a couple of...

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Brenda B.

Grateful for FOREVER!

FOREVER Box gave me peace of mind about the preservation of VCR tapes from my children’s school plays and sporting ev...

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Marlene S.

SO enjoyable!

FOREVER Box and their permanent safe storage is what my husband and I have truly been looking for. We digitized all o...

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Crystal B.

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