Our Beliefs

Why we do what we do

At Forever, we are driven by the belief that family stories should never be lost. They remind us of life’s special occasions and important experiences, embody our values, illustrate important lessons learned, provide a glimpse into the lives we live, and become a significant part of our legacy. When properly organized, preserved, and shared with others, we believe that these stories are extremely valuable and have a positive impact on future generations.

Unfortunately, the task of organizing and curating memories in a single place is often overwhelming, especially when there’s no guarantee that our hard work will be protected and saved over the long-term. As a result, many memories, and many important life lessons learned, are never shared with family and friends.

That’s why we built Forever, to offer FOREVER Storage®, the first guaranteed permanent sharable storage service.

With Forever, we provide a permanent place for families to preserve and share their stories, values, and traditions, and pass those memories down to future generations. Our powerful platform of easy-to-use products and services – including mobile and desktop applications, photo editing suites, print shops, scrapbook applications, conversion services, Forever Storage, and more – is designed to work together to enhance one's ability to easily and efficiently manage and protect their content. And with our groundbreaking Forever Guarantee, FOREVER Storage® Owners can breathe easy knowing that Forever is absolutely committed to protecting their precious photos and documents, and ensuring that their legacy is passed on to future generations!

Our beliefs

Glen attracted a group of like-minded people to join the Forever team and we are building Forever on strong core beliefs that inform everything we do, including:

  • We believe in the importance of legacy, and that people should be able to protect and share their values, memories, and life experiences with future generations.
  • We believe that individuals and families have the right to digital privacy, and should be able to connect and share their memories in a protected and private environment. We are committed to providing an experience where personal information is not the product for sale. We don’t collect personal information about our users or sell it to advertisers.
  • We believe in individual digital rights and offer breakthrough legal protection for our FOREVER Storage® Owners. Unlike many temporary storage services, we don’t claim any rights to the content of Owners, who maintain full ownership of their digital assets (Section 3.1 of the Forever Terms of Service)
  • We believe that digital assets should be safe and protected, and that individuals should be able to connect and share their memories without fear of losing them. That’s why Forever uses the highest quality globally redundant cloud storage and industry-leading encryption technology. We also protect memories from obsolete media by migrating photos and documents to new file formats that emerge over time.
  • We believe in the importance of building long-term relationships. In fact, our business is built on trust and backed by our patent-pending Forever Guarantee. Once FOREVER Storage® Owners pay for Forever Storage, they’ve entered into a long-term relationship with Forever. We will never shut down an account. With Forever, Owners have succession rights so that they determine how their FOREVER® Account and content is preserved and managed for generations after their death (Section 4.2 of the Forever Terms of Service).
  • Our values

    We conduct our business based on six character traits and values:

    1. Honesty

      We tell the truth even when it is difficult because the only way to succeed and fulfill our obligations over the long term is to face facts, make good decisions, and develop trusting relationships with customers, suppliers, team members, and partners.

    2. Courage

      There is no honesty without courage because it takes courage to be truthful.

    3. Graciousness

      It is much easier to run a truthful organization if people are gracious to each other – even when the truth is difficult.

    4. Excellence

      To succeed (by serving customers well and building a great company over the long term) every member of the Forever team, must strive for excellence every day.

    5. Innovation

      To deliver the best possible products and services, we must constantly innovate and improve using feedback from customers, members, and partners.

    6. Leadership & Determination

      Everyone must look at facts, make decisions, and do the right thing. We will do whatever it takes – within ethical and legal bounds – to succeed.